Crocheted Projects

 This is my own patterns for 6' long x 10" wide.

Credit for the wrist warmers goes to Goddess Crochet.

Credit for these wrist warmers also goes to  
Goddess Crochet, they are just longer.

This hair tie was my idea that I created with a rubber band.

This pot holder and coaster set was my creation, I crocheted two different colors of yarn together.

Credit for My Little Pony Pattern goes to VianneyCreates

Credit for the basic pattern for the ribbed beanie goes to Jayda InStitches, but I added my own personal touch by crocheting two colors together.

Credit for the Messy Hat pattern goes to 

Credit for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle hat goes to Fuad Azmat/YARNutopia by Nadia.

Credit for the beanie hat for children 3 and up goes to HappyBerry Crochet, but credit for the Spider webbing goes to 
To make it a bit more unique, I added an extra two inches of black yarn

Credit for the pin cushion pattern goes to WoolyWondersCrochet.

Credit for the frog's body goes to naztazia
Credit for the part the eyes are glued to goes to Sharon Ojala
The credit for the tongue goes to Jayda InStitches.

Credit for this beanie hat for adults goes to HappyBerry Crochet, but I crocheted two colors together. 

Credit for the basic part of this hat for size teens to young women goes to HappyBerry Crochet.
Credit for the owl eyes and nose on the hat goes to 
Credit for the ears on the owl hat goes to 

Credit for the Owl toy goes to Stitch Stitch Boom.

Credit for the flower pattern goes to 

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