Sunday, August 20, 2017


Hello everybody!! I am posting this so that I can share with you all what I have going on now. And I have to make a HUGE shout out to my awesome friend, Brenda Hasse, who helped me grow my yarn collection!! It's because of her that I am ready to start new projects!!

Take a gander at all this awesome yarn!!

 4 Large trash bags full!!

My list of new projects are growing too!!

A set of emoji's
4 dream catchers
Ninja Turtle

So, this yarn will all get used!! Thank you again, Brenda!!

Before I go, here is a bit of crochet humor!!

Happy Crocheting and thank you for stopping by!!

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Turtle toys

Today, I crocheted two different kinds of turtles. The turtle on the right is called a African Flower Hexagon Motif and the credit goes to Jayda InStitches.

The Turtle on the left has a body from a simple pin cushion and the credit for the pattern goes to WoolyWondersCrochet, but the credit for the head, neck, legs, and tail goes to Jayda InStitches.

The turtle on the right will go to a friend and Marvin got the turtle on the left.

There will be more detailed pics to come later.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Jenny's Crochet Corner

Hello everybody and welcome to Jenny's Crochet Corner. This is my first blog post so I don't have much for you as of right now, but take a moment to click on the tabs above and see what I have on them. I have my Welcome page that gives you all the information you need about this blog and my fan page, plus my email for any questions, concerns, and/or requests. There is also a Crocheted Projects tab where it shows all of the projects that I have already crocheted. So, snoop around and give me a like or a follow and thanks for stopping by.

Jenny Bynum